Globe and Multicultural Engagement Building

Policy & Room Reservations

The following is a summery of frequently referenced terms and conditions governing the usage of The Globe Facilities.

      • FSU RSOs and FSU departments must submit their reservation request for PROGRAM ROOMS and AUDITORIUM at least 7 business days prior to the event.
      • Events must be for official department business or RSO event and cannot be for birthday parties, showers or retirement parties.
  • The request form IS NOT a confirmation nor a guarantee of space reservation.
  • Confirmation of the space will be made during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, contingent on availability of space and night staff.
  • DO NOT advertise your event until your reservation request has been CONFIRMED.

For a more complete list of policy governing the usage of university facilities, please see .

By Submitting a space reservation request, guests and organizations utilizing The Globe facilities agree to abide by all governing terms and conditions as it relates to the reservation and usage of space. The terms set forth shall be binding and applicable to all space reservations in The Globe facilities.

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